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6 Tips to Make Your Patio Cozy and Welcoming
Your patio is an extension of your home, where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors. With a few simple tips, we’ll help you turn it into a cozy and welcoming space that you and your guests will love.
5 Balcony Design Ideas to enhance Style & Privacy
If you live in a city, chances are that your apartment balcony is a precious outdoor space that you cherish. But with neighbors and passersby, it can be hard to enjoy it with the privacy you deserve.
Bringing nature into your home is the latest chic trend, and for good reason
Let’s face it, many of us saw this past year as an opportunity to remodel their home. For some, it was a simple rearrangement to accommodate all that time spent inside, while others went all out and opted for extreme renovations.
How to create privacy, without compromising on design
With summer weather right around the corner, we’re all looking forward to spending time on our patio.
Green Creativity
Let’s talk about color psychology. In depth study of the topic throughout the years suggests that the presence of color can have a number of effects on the mind and body.